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Does your Website never seem to generate any traffic? Are you listed on the major search engines but customers still can't find you? We have the proven answer. Our Search Engine Optimisation Service has been designed as a cost-effective way to not only get your website listed, but also to give it high rankings for the search terms you specify.

The Service
SEOS comprises a mix of page content and meta tag optimisation, paid-for submissions to strategically-important Directories and Engines, and hand submission to 'free listing' search engines. There is a growing trend among search engines to charge for their services, and the cost would be prohibitive to pay for listing on all of them. However, our selected paid-for engines supply results to many other search engines, and therefore represent terrific value-for-money.

Before we do the submission, we will check the Meta tags on the main pages, and re-write the page if necessary (with your approval, of course*). Depending on the structure of your site, we may need to create 'gateway' pages.

Every two months, we will conduct a review of your rankings, and produce a report with recommendations for amendments. Any required amendments are included in the annual fee. *We will need the co-operation of your Webmaster or site designer, as amended pages will have to be uploaded to your server.

The Objective
If you have an existing website try inputting search terms that your potential customers might use when seeking the goods or services you provide. Does your company come up in the top twenty companies listed?

  • Is it actually targeting your preferred market ?
  • Is your website generating you business ?
  • Is it as effective as the competitions ?

If it is not listed and your competition is then you need SEO.

The Proof
We have applied SEO to our own site, ever since it was launched. Our rankings will amaze you. Using our four chosen search terms, we score four top places in Google and Bing. We score three ones and a two in Google

Try it yourself - four of our search terms are 'Website designers Surrey, internet designers surrey, web designers surrey, web design London, and corporate web designers surrey'.

Choosing a web design and programming company is not easy. You need to be reassured that you've made the right decision and that your budget is going to be spent wisely.

There are hundreds of pitfalls and challenges that a web design company has to overcome to deliver your finished project. At Maximum Web Profits Limited, we know how to manage web projects and how to ensure that your project is delivered on time, on budget and to your needs.

Your project will be prepared and undertaken professionally and managed by our own Project Manager. You cannot ever hope to achieive success without planning and preparing the work that needs to be done.

In a highly competitive market, what makes Maximum Web Profits unique and why should you consider doing business with us?

Well, firstly, we are open and honest. We'll never tell you we can do something if we genuinely cannot. We won't 'trick' you to get business. contact

About Fubon

The principle driving force behind Fubon Web Design is Phil Wilkinson who has been designing and building compelling web sites for one of the UK's largest blue-chip companies, since 1993. You want a corporate presence on the web? But are too worried about the cost? Or your web site may not be up to scratch, too slow, unattractive or just plain dull.

It needn't cost the earth to have a good looking modern corporate web site. Too many web sites try to be too clever, too many animated graphics, flash graphics or the need for a lot of bandwidth or support.

We can build you a good looking, fast and professional web site from an incredible £2,500 inclusive.

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Since 1993-2018

Vastly experienced in all aspects of site design, information architecture and project management, Phil has created unique, web site build processes, tailored to ensure that Fubon Web Design clients sites, seamlessly integrate with their corporate presence and enthral their target audience.

Fubon Web Design are very proud of the fact that the majority of their work is based on recommendation, testament of our ability to deliver quality Internet services to our clients. contact | test page